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About Us
About Us
The Milwaukee Beer Company:  
bulletPackages private label canned beer brands using award-winning liquids.
bulletSells FOB the plant, FAS the port, or C and F foreign destinations. Risk of loss transfers at the brewery.
bulletPackages the minimum order quantity of 5 containers (with approx. 2,136 cases per 20' container).

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bulletPackages only for export from the United States.
bulletProvides a commission to agents who obtain orders from large volume buyers.
Ideal for global grocery store chains who would like to purchase direct from a major beer supplier.

If you would like one of our existing private label brands modified for local labeling requirements, please allow 20 days for changes to artwork and 45 days for brewing, packaging and delivery to the port. Modifications and packaging of beer will only be initiated after receipt of the letter of credit or cash.

If you have a concept for a brand please contact us so that we may provide you with the necessary artwork specifications.


Purchase direct from a major beer Supplier




Package private label canned beer using award winning liquids



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